Organic food brands gathered in Shanghai


Ten years'brand development,top business in expo.

China international organic food and green food expo (referred to as: CIOE), as an organic green food industry in Asia's largest and most influential industry event, held twice each year in Beijing, Shanghai, has successfully held 15th, it covers the world series of organic green food, organic green food industry elite colleagues will gather each year communication event, complying with the demand of product market, committed to creating the best Asian organic food and green food with one-stop procurement and technical exchanges platform, the rapid development of the common booster guide organic green food industry. 

Domestic and international platforms, wealth of business opportunities

the last expo data: the exhibition square area of 20000 square meters, more than 600 enterprises both from domestic and abroad ,showing the latest high-end products, domestic organic food industry brand manufacturers at the exhibition, the Beidahuang group, Xiangshui angla, Taitaile, star boos, Jinyuan agriculture, Legeng Group, shenyang jin pavilion, the state forestry administration, heilongjiang, jilin pavilion pavilion pavilion, Taiwan pavilion and Korean pavilion and other domestic and international famous brand participated, according to the attendance statistics ,it shows the accumulative 60000 person-time, professional buyers, purchasing, big dealers from domestic and abroad, the electric business which more than previous. All of this are enough to prove that it is bright for the organic sales exhibition and change.

Strong media publicity, timely dissemination popular

Our show is not only posted in CCTV-2, CCTV-4, CCTV-7, also received the "organic Slow Life" magazine, the strong support of Chinese food, Chinese food quality newspaper and other media. Hundreds of professional and mass media were invited to the meeting, the new product will get attention and become a hot focus.

Continue award highlights, grasp the strategic future

Exhibitors who participate in organic expo may participate in the General Assembly established the "Gold", "recommended new product" award; "quality products" award, "Technology Innovation Award" and other awards heavyweight contest. In addition, customers can also contact the original consumer, understand the market and market feedback information, the fastest access to market dynamics; domestic and foreign experts will be there listenning to conversations on organic and green food market dynamics and the successful sales model, future judgment and grasp of business and industry development trend.


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