AsAsian Organic Food Industry Coming of AgeWith production and demand increasingly rapidly, the Asian organic food industry is coming of age. Over 4 million hectares of farmland is certified organic in the region, however a large disparity exists between producer and consumer countries. The disparity leads to a two-tier organic food industry. 

The first-tier comprises producer countries in which organic crops are mainly grown for export markets. Countries like India and Thailand with large agricultural sectors are in this tier. Important organic crops include fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, cereals & grains and tea. China leads in this tier; the country is firmly established as a global source of organic ingredients.

Demand for organic foods is concentrated in second-tier countries. Countries like Singapore and Taiwan are large consumers of organic foods but not important producers. As a consequence, these country markets are highly dependent on imports, which come in from a number of continents. The Japanese market remains the most important in this tier. 


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