Organic food in Russia: healthy for the wealthy


Russia is not exactly famous for its healthy diet. Smetana(sour cream), majonez (mayonnaise), sausages and salo (specially prepared fat) are difficult to incorporate in a perfect nutrition plan. But dietary lifestyle choice is making its way to Russia along with fitness clubs and organic food.
The organic food market in Russia is in its developing stages. According to an American study, from 2002 to 2008 organic food sales in Russia increased almost 20 times. But for the time being, the Russian Federation does not have standards in place for “organic” labeling.
For urban Russians who are increasingly health conscious there are three possibilities to avoid standard supermarkets’ food products: the classic open-air markets (rynok), the trendy bio-stores or the newly created farmers cooperatives. However the most typical way to buy fresh grocery products in Russia remains local open-air markets. Fruits and vegetables that are sold at these locations are grown locally, sold at reasonable prices and enjoy a good reputation along with having a “natural” flavor.


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